An Introduction

My comics collection

Once upon a time a little boy bought his first comic in the local kiosk. It was an episode of Projekt X – the Danish version of X-men. He was fascinated about this universe of mutants, heroes and villains and wanted to learn more. The following years he bought all the Danish Marvel comics he could afford.

The Danish collection

Slowly the collection grew bigger. This was the mid 1980′ties and Marvel was selling okay in Denmark at that time. Many different comics were sold in the stores. Known characters as Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, the incredible Hulk and the Avengers frequently appeared in the comics the boy bought.


The little boy became a teenager, but his interest for the Marvel Universe did not fade. In the mid 90’ties he found a comic-shop in a local city, where they also sold the original American Marvel comics. The teenage-boy was excited. He quickly added the Uncanny
X-men and X-men to his monthly subscription.

The Age of Apocalypse

It was a turbulent time in the Marvel Universe especially for the mutants. And when Charles Xavier got killed by his own son (Legion) a parallel timeline was created – The Age of Apocalypse. It was a crossover adventure as never seen before and the teenage-boy simply had to have all the series connected to The Age of Apocalypse timeline. Two American comics a month became suddenly six and even though The Age of Apocalypse ended after a few months the boy hang on to the subscriptions.

Here and now

Since then the boy has grown into an adult in his 30’ties and the collection has grown with him. On this website I will in the future present my collection of Danish and American comics. Furthermore I plan to create a platform for Marvel-enthusiasts like me with blogs and interviews, movie trailers, crossover timeline and fan fiction. I hope you will enjoy my site and please feel free to comment on the site here.